About Top Racking Solution

Suzhou Top Tiger technology co., LTD. is located in the picturesque, talents of China - Singapore industrial park (suzhou industrial park), the company covers an area of 50000 square meters, the first phase investment of Us $12 milliom,through the introduction of foreign advanced manufacturing equipment and domestic shelves design, manufacturing and logistics planning of top talent, and using high quality raw materials, makes ding tiger shelf brand within a few years to become one of the most popular brand in China.

Suzhou Top Tiger technology co., LTD produce all series of shelf products, covering the pallet racking, into the shelves, the narrow lanes, automated stereoscopic warehouse system, put aside plate shelves, loft-style shelves, fluent racking, cantilever racking, gravity shelves, push back racking, mobile racking, shuttle shelves.

Top Tiger shelves since going public in 2007, relying on the advantages of the economic, safe and reliable quality, to win the favour of many well-known domestic enterprises, and export, and not many times, the continents, from the management of the warehouse space to the flow of goods, from simple goods store turnover to efficient automatic warehousing system, Top Tiger shelf products has become improve the warehousing logistics modernization management level of enterprises, save the logistics cost, to improve the working efficiency of the logistics of the preferred equipment.

Suzhou Top Tiger technology co., LTD has passed the German TUV company's ISO9001 certification, the management team have decades of large-scale enterprise management experience at home and abroad; Through strict training of sales engineer to visit customers on a regular basis, and provide detailed consultation service for customers; Experienced personnel planning and design will according to the customer's requirements to carry out the "tailored" design, quickly and accurately to provide clients with perfect storage system solutions.

At present, Suzhou Top Tiger technology co., LTD. Has 15 distribution in sales and service company, has many enterprises at home and abroad to provide consulting, design, production, installation and customer service, such as one-stop service, users throughout the electronics, automobile, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, aviation, third-party logistics and other fields.

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