About Sany Heavy Machinery Products

Earthmoving Machinery

Since 2011, SANY has ranked number one in sales volume in China. SANY boasts excavator products with the highest standards of quality and performance and the highest return on investment for customers. Under the China Torch technology development program, SANY Heavy Machinery re-invests more than 5% of its annual revenue into research and development and has built a complete R&D test and development center. SANY has developed a number of new products to meet and exceed all international level standards in the categories of hydraulic excavators from 1.6t to 200t, hybrid hydraulic excavators, and the new generation excavators with positive flow.

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Concrete Machinery

SANY is the world’s largest manufacturer of concrete machinery and equipment and trailer-mounted pumps. SANY products enjoy the reputation of “King of World Pumps”. Currently, SANY pump equipment is involved in the construction of all high-rise buildings that exceed a height of more than 500m in China. The world record for ultra-high pressure concrete pumping has been held and maintained by SANY. In 1998, SANY developed China's first 37m long-boom pump truck with independent intellectual property rights, ending the history of dependence of imported long-boom pump trucks. Over the years, the sales volume of SANY pump trucks has been ranked number one in the world, and has several world records for pump trucks with the longest boom. In 2012, SANY acquired the German pump company Putzmeister and has now become the world standard for concrete machinery and equipment.

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Piling Machinery

One out of every three rotary drilling rigs in China is made by SANY. SANY has established the deepest record for offshore drilling with the 149m rotary drilling rigs. SANY has successfully met the need for large-scale and ultra-deep pile foundation construction previously lacking in the domestic rotary drilling equipment industry. By the end of 2017, the output value of SANY pile machines exceeded RMB 30 billion and annual sales volume was more than RMB 3 billion. The sales and service networks cover all large cities in China. SANY products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions including Russia, Singapore, Brazil and Thailand. The products are universally recognized as high quality and durable by customers at home and abroad.

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